Where am I Now ?


Wow so it’s been a while since I last wrote, I ended up leaving America early, spent christmas in the UK, went back to Bordeaux in January and began working again, sorted out a new apartment etc. April / May I spent 3 weeks in Palestine and then I’ve been non stop working until now.


Right now I am currently in San Diego in the US. I arrived three weeks ago today. I am going to be travelling for the rest of the year. I am so excited to see what the next few months hold. I just want to explore and create!



I’m in Bordeaux a crazy couple weeks trying to find a job and a place to live. Been here 2 weeks now and finally got myself a routine and a gym!


I’m back home in Manchester now for 2 weeks until I move to Bordeaux. Enjoying family time while I have it!


Just spend a month in Ghana and now heading to Morocco. So excited to see more of this vibrant place!


Touched back down into Manchester but won’t be here for long. Decided to catch my flight back to Bilbao but instead of moving to Bordeaux right away I am meeting up with Chris in Ghana. I have to be back in Manchester for May as it’s my brothers wedding! Ghana here I come!


Plans have changed a little and I have extended my stay until February! Time was flying by way too quick and I miss my big sis.


So i’ve been in Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor, Singapore and now heading to spend christmas with my sister in Australia. Excited is an understatement!


I’m off on an adventure for three months! First stop is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


So, after being in Bilbao for a week I flew to London and headed straight to Lancashire, spent a few days with the fam and headed to London with Josh and then back to Bilbao. Stayed in Bilbao for one week and then headed to Madrid with Argo to catch a plane to Copenhagen, Denmark. Had such a lovely time. Copenhagen is a really cool city with such good food!!! Now back in Bilbao but will be heading home home to figure out my next steps as my time in Bilbao is over for now. Who knows what my next chapter will be.


Ok, so i’ve been a few places since I last updated. I went to Ibiza with my mum and sister, then once I got back I flew to Rome with Argo. After I caught a plane to Lesbos a greek island near Turkey. After that I went to Paros which is a Greek Island 15 hours by ferry. Then after 10 days I flew from Santorini to Barcelona and am currently in Benicarlo with Argo having a few days of sun and swimming pool. This weekend I think i’ll be back in Bilbao for summer. It’s been a busy few weeks will be nice to be unpack my bag for a couple weeks. Next stop will be somewhere a lot colder!


Back in Bilbao now, I am exhausted, the flight was at 7am and I literally could not sleep the night before. Whenever I have to wake up for something important like a flight I can not fall asleep for anything. Nightmare. But when I returned Argo had bought me flowers which made me so HAPPY! I Love FLOWERS.


Off to Manchester for literally 2 days and a half with Easyjet. Can’t wait to home for a bit. I miss my mum!


Got back to Bilbao now, it’s the holidays here so it’s very quiet. Nice being in Portugal although the food isn’t great!


Heading to Lisbon now! Off to see some friends. Not my first time there but excited to be in warmer weather!


Touched down in Bilbao at 9pm. Nice to be home, Argo and I have just been for a Fosters. We are literally addicts. Morocco is amazing. I will definitely be returning but next time perhaps to Marrakesh.


Arrived in Chefchaouen, it’s a lovely day not many people around in the hostel at the moment although the woman that owns the hostel is from the North. So nice to hear a northern accent!


Just caught a flight from Madrid to Fez, Morocco. Β Leaving for Chefchaouen tomorrow.

Phia πŸ™‚


I’m back from Manchester, now in Bilbao. It was actually nice coming back, going home to Manchester for 9 days made me realise exactly why I don’t live in the UK. The lifestyle that people live is completely and utterly not for me. A country which has such bad weather makes TV one of the main activities as there is literally nothing else to do unless you want to spend a tenner going for coffee and cake. I like to be in the world, around people not only watching TV. Although British TV is better than in Spain

Any how happy to be back in the Basque Country.

Next stop will be Morocco I expect!

Phia πŸ™‚


Arrived in Manchester at 5pm for christmas, family time!

Phia πŸ™‚


So now back from India, just had my family over visiting me in Bilbao. It’s their first time coming over here.

I think I am going to start working this week. Just started to release the videos from my latest trip.

Its 30 degrees today in Bilbao so going to the pool now. MAKE ME BROWN!!!

Phia πŸ™‚


At the moment I am in Bilbao, Spain. Leaving today to spend the night and day in Istanbul, Turkey. I will be flying at 5 pm getting into Istanbul at 9:45 pm, staying at the Bahaus Hostel which cost €20 for a bed in an 8 bed dorm, seems quite expensive but it does include a really good breakfast not just toast and nutella.

But anyhow then on Saturday evening at about 8pm, I’ll be flying to New Delhi, India. Expected to get there around 4:30 am.

So excited. Got everything pretty much packed. Lets see how I get on!!

Next stop, ISTANBUL!

Phia πŸ™‚


Right now I am back home near Manchester, seeing family, friends and getting my visa for INDIA!!!!!

I’ll be going back to Bilbao on the 23rd June 2015 for a couple days until I fly to India!!!!

Next stop Bilbao!

Phia πŸ™‚


At the moment I’m in Portugalete , Bilbao, Northern Spain. (The Basque Country)

I was working as a receptionist in the Bilbao head office for a shipping company from March but I quit after 1 month.Β The pay was unbelievably bad and then on top of that I was taxed 34% for not being a fiscal resident.

Currently working for myself teaching English and also doing translation work.

Good Points – I work for myself,Β I travel when I want, I work when I want.

Bad Points – You never have a guaranteed wage. People cancel.

I’ve been here since February and I will be going home to the UK on June 3rd, 2015 to see my mum. I haven’t seen her since January. I am always excited to go home, although I realise this excitement will evaporate within days.

Next stop Manchester!

Phia πŸ™‚


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