To The Man With Blue Hair

To the man with blue hair.

What you did will not affect me.
What you aimed to do to me will not haunt me.
You just added yet another experience that will make me stronger and more determined than ever to travel this world alone.  Continue reading “To The Man With Blue Hair”


Let Me Sell My Body For Sex

Let Me Sell My Body For Sex

Everyday we sell our knowledge and our skills in return for a salary, so why can’t we sell our bodies? Why can’t people legally pay for my body if I’m offering it? Continue reading “Let Me Sell My Body For Sex”

“Women Deserve to be Raped”

“Women Deserve to be Raped”
Versión Española

Women deserve to get a penis shoved inside their body, whether they agree to it or not. Isn’t that right. Or as we are going to be talking about India, multiple penises.

You may think I’m being vulgar but the reality is that hundreds of women are raped daily in India with no one there to protect them. According to the National Crime Records Bureau‘s (NCRB) in the year 2013, there was 33,707 reported rape cases. Yet somehow, I don’t quite believe this is the real number of women raped. Let me put this into perspective.

UK – population 64.1 million -22,100 reported rape cases.                                           India – population 1.2 billion – 33,707 reported rape cases.

Statistically speaking means you are 11 times more likely to be raped in the UK than in India. It’s a load of rubbish. NCRB reports state that the number of reported rapes in India are only an estimated 1% of the total number of rapes that take place annually in the country.

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