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I am so happy you’ve found my blog!

I want to show you what the life of a long-term traveller looks like – The jaw dropping, the exhilarating and the not-so-great stuff too that most bloggers shy away from.

This isn’t a blog for resortists, it’s a blog for people who want real adventure. Travelling isn’t always a holiday, it’s an experience, one that you’ll retell for years to come. I hope my blog will give you the answers and the tools you’re looking for to take action and turn your travel fantasies into a plane ticket.

“The more people mix with other cultures, the happier the world will become.”

I’m 23 years old and I grew up in the North of England. I’ve travelled on my own since the age of 16. Each year since 2010, in between school and jobs I packed my bag and ventured out into the world in search of something stimulating.

How do I afford it? At 14 I started as a waitress on evenings and weekends in a country pub in my hometown and at 15 I was a part time gymnastics coach at the local leisure centre in the evenings after school. At 19 I was a Cafe Manager on the beach in Swansea, Wales but after 3 months I changed jobs and worked in a bank as a Business Associate. After 1 year I realised the cooperate world wasn’t for me and left. My next job at 21 was as a Receptionist for a shipping company in Bilbao, Spain. I lasted a month as the pay was less than when I was 14. So I decided to become a freelancer and I’ve been doing that along side my filmmaking ever since.

During the last 7 years I’ve interrailed my way through Europe from the haunting grounds of Auschwitz to the crazy Tomatina tomato fight in Valencia.

Auschwitz, Poland 2011
Train stop for the Tomatina – Valencia, Spain 2011
Tomatina – Huge Tomato Fight

I backpacked my way across South America, water rafting through the icy Patagonia region of Chile and biking through the deepest parts of the Amazonia.

Puerto Varas, Chile 2012
Rafting in Chile 2012
Biking Death Road – La Paz, Bolivia 2012
Amazonia – Ariquemes, Brazil 2012
Horse Riding through the hills – San Pedro Atacama, Chile 2012

I camped in the serene beauty of the Himalayas in Kashmir yet fought my way through the hustle and bustle that is New Delhi.

Wanting to give up. Only 30 minutes into the trek! – Srinagar, Kashmir 2015
Himalayas, Kashmir 2015
Breakfast each morning – Himalayas 2015

I’ve snorkelled hour upon hour in the Red Sea of Egypt and sung my heart out on the karaoke in Shanghai, China. I meditated for 10 days in silence up in the hills of Penang, Malaysia. Not one word was uttered, nor written nor read. Very different compared to hiking to the top of Kelimutu Volcano, Indonesia to see the sunrise and its colour changing  lakes.

Night time view during the meditation – Penang, Malaysia 2016
Sunrise – Kelimutu, Indonesia 2016
Kelimutu – Flores, Indonesia 2016

With no connection to the digital world I rocked up to the nearest airport on a distant island of Indonesia and bought the cheapest flight they had. I ended up in Kupang, West Timor and swam in the clearest of water down in the depths of a hidden cave.

Such a hidden gem – Kupang, West Timor 2016

I experienced the life in a small Ghanaian village surviving off Yams and not much more.  Followed by riding Camels along the beach in Essouira, Morocco.

Fruitless market – Have, Ghana 2017
These boys loved playing with my cameras – Have, Ghana 2017
IMG_8821 (1)
Margaret, an inspirational woman – Have, Ghana 2017
Capuchino I think he was called – Essouira, Morocco 2017

All of which has lead me to where I am now.

For the last two months I’ve been working in Bordeaux, France as a freelancer, I’m here to improve my French and then I’ll set off again to discover this wonderful world we’re lucky enough to live in.

I hope this blog is useful to you and that it helps you to be PHIALESS and Travel The World With No Fear!

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