The Next Adventure Begins

My main goal the last two months while in Bordeaux was to make as much money as possible as I knew come mid October I wouldn’t be working for three months. For those of you that wonder, I make the majority of my money as a freelancer (language based). It’s a job that I don’t mind doing, I never wake up and dread the thought of going to work, that’s a win in my book. (Although it’s not my plan to forever be in a service based industry – I’ll get into that some other time).

About two weeks ago I left Bordeaux and flew to San Diego, USA. The flight cost about €300 from Manchester with one connection in Boston. Β (October 2017)

This is my first ever time in America. It’s absolutely beautiful here, with the most stunning sunsets.


Since I’ve arrived I’ve done nothing other than go to the beachΒ and train in the gym – it was definitely needed. I was lucky as the weather was unusually hot for October, but now the heatwave has subsided and its Autumn faze has begun which I’m secretly happy about. I’ve not had cold weather for over a year as I’ve been travelling so much. Oh and, I got to experience Halloween in America! (I don’t know what I was meant to be either!)


I’ll be in San Diego for one more week until I head off to do something I never ever in a million years thought I would get to do. I’m hoping to get back into writing and filming as now I’ve slept all the hours that I needed toΒ catch up on and I’m ready to get back to doing what I love which is capturing experiences.

I have absolutely no idea what these next three months hold but what I do know is that they are going to be exciting!

Lets see what happens.

Phia x




3 thoughts on “The Next Adventure Begins

  1. It’s awesome to see you checking out USA!!!! Welcome! The more Midwest you go the more you will even see a bunch of snow! I’m excited to see what the next three month’s brings you!


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