To The Man With Blue Hair

To the man with blue hair.

What you did will not affect me.
What you aimed to do to me will not haunt me.
You just added yet another experience that will make me stronger and more determined than ever to travel this world alone. 

The other day something happened to me that I was not expecting. The most frustrating part of it all was that I had actually tried to prevent a situation like this from happening, clearly to no avail.

It was a Saturday night in Bordeaux (my home for the moment) I was at a house party with some friends. Everything was great, the people were lovely and I was having some really cool conversations in French. It got to about 4:00am and people started to leave, the people I had come with lived on a different side of town and the buses didn’t start until six. So I decided to stay and do the “safe” option of waiting for the buses to start instead of walking fourty-five minutes on my own. By waiting until 6am, I could catch the number nine bus, a six minute walk from the flat and be in my house within fifteen minutes.

It got to 5:40am so I said my goodbyes and confidently took the lift down. I was walking up the main street, not many cars around but it was starting to get light. As I was getting nearer to the bus stop I saw a man with blue hair, youngish, around thirty, clearly on his way back from a night out. I got a weird vibe from him and so I decided to walk to the next stop instead, it was only five minutes away. Once I got there it was now 5:55am, the bus was due any minute.

Ten minutes later, I didn’t see any sign of a bus, but I did see the same man, with the blue hair walking towards me. He had a glass bottle in his hand and was getting nearer and nearer. I was sat in the bus shelter on the metal seat and he looked at me, I looked at him and he walked on by, passing from behind the glass of the bus shelter. Once I saw him walk away, I started to relax a little, another ten minutes went by, still no bus! I was starting to lose hope, but it said the next one was due at 6:25am so I sat back down and waited.

This is where it all went horribly horribly wrong. No one was around, and then out of no where that same man jumped out from behind the wall with his pants down, his cock out and he was getting closer and closer to me, within seconds he was a foot away from me, touching himself with one hand and reaching towards me with the other.

It’s moments like these that are defining moments in life because it’s when you have no time to think and it’s pure woman instinct. I know I am strong and independent but at the end of the day men are normally physically stronger than women. Yes I could hit him and try to inflict physical pain and perhaps that would stop him. Or I could run. Before I knew it I jolted to my left, ran behind the glass of the bus stop, thinking he would stop. It’s crazy. I actually thought he would stop and realise he’d made a mistake but he didn’t. I start walking away and texted my boyfriend that “a mans following me”. I looked back and unbelievably he grabbed his glass bottle off the floor and started to chase me.

Realising in that split second that I was going to have to run, and run fast was when this all got far too intense. I knew he would be able to out run me, all I could think was how can I stop him from getting his hands on me, how can I stop him from raping me. There was no one around.

As I’m running up the street, out of no where a woman, about 45 years old was walking towards me. As I reached her I stopped and started screaming, pointing at the man. He looked at us both, I was now angry, with a surge of adrenaline, I was ready to fight. The woman started shouting at him, at this point he’s about two meters away from us, with a glass bottle in his hand, his pants still half down. This angel of a woman, bless her, grabs hold of me and threatens to call the police. Screaming in his direction.  Not that he cared.

Long story short. The woman walked me back to the bus stop but the man did not want to leave empty handed. Fortunately she waited as the man was still watching me from behind a corner, you couldn’t miss him – his bright blue hair.

Once I saw the bus number nine arrive, I didn’t know whether to be angry or breakdown – why didn’t it come at 6:00am! The woman ended up catching the same bus as me, once I arrived at my stop, I gave her the biggest hug, tears uncontrollably running down my face, the woman got off the bus with me, asked me if I was ok and then that was it, off she went, I never saw her again. I’ve got the same bus numerous times since, I always look out for her but I don’t even know if she was meant to get on that bus. She probably doesn’t even live my side of town. Whoever this angel woman was I don’t know what would have happened to me if she hadn’t appeared when she did.

To the man with blue hair. I refuse to hold a negative image of men because of ones like you. In fact all you really did was highlight to me and engrave on my brain the utter power and strength of women that exist all around the world. Just like the angel woman who appeared when she did and got on that bus with me and held me close while I was down.

Women reading this – do not ever let one poor excuse of a man make you fear the world, I tried to do what I thought was “safe”. The reality is that there are people that for whatever reason do some awful things, but I assure you not, the world is full of much more angels than it is of men with blue hair!



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