Do Not Miss Seeing This Place – Morocco

This destination is one of my all time favourite places in Morocco.

It is situated right next to the beach but at the same time has a little town bustling with local people and not too many tourists. There are some incredible places to eat which you will see featured in my short film below.

Essaouira is simply the place to be!

You can go there no matter what budget you’re on, but always barter with the price. Remember, don’t go for the first offer, they nearly always over charge you!

We didn’t book anywhere to stay before arriving and when we got off the bus we were swarmed by people. There was a boy who took us to multiple hotels until we found a place we liked for a price we deemed reasonable. Obviously if you’re travelling alone, check out the hostels prior as there aren’t many!

When you’re there I would definitely consider horse riding on the beach it looked like such fun, or camel riding for an hour is always great especially if it’s your first time. (More than an hour, you’re behind will start to ache!) You will not run out of things to do!

Anyway, if you’re thinking of heading to Morocco. Essaouira is a place that cannot be missed. You could come here after a trip to the Atlas Mountains or after a few days in the packed streets of Marrakesh.

I would definitely go back here.

Take a look at my short film below to get a feel of the place!

I hope you like it!





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