Travelling By Bus to Cape Coast, Ghana

After spending two weeks in land in Have, Volta Region we decided that we needed to be by the sea so we headed back to Accra to figure out where we wanted to go. (Accra beach is not the cleanest and is known to be quite dirty)

After asking multiple people, the nearest “Ghanaian Paradise” seemed to be in Cape Coast, roughly three hours from Accra by bus. We caught a nice air conditioned bus from Accra to Cape Coast for only 23 Ghanaian Cedi (€5) each including bags. Although it is possible to get a normal – no air conditioned bus for 13 (€3) each but it just depends which ones are leaving soonest.

Once we arrived in Cape Coast we stayed at a place called Oasis. It’s right on the beach and extremely affordable for travellers. There are dorms but also private huts for couples or families that don’t break the bank. I would recommend this place, however the service in the restaurant is awful, serious lack of understanding between the kitchen and the waiters.

There really wasn’t much to do in Cape Coast except relax and visit a couple castles as the city itself doesn’t really have restaurants to go to. However if you are craving fruit then head to the center and there are stalls with women selling the latest fruit arrivals. FYI the avocados and mangoes are amazing.

There was a trip to see crocodiles about one hour from Cape Coast, although I didn’t end up doing it as Chris was ill and it was quite expensive.

Overall if you are in Ghana and want to somewhere to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life then this is the place to go!

Just be careful as the one thing with Ghana is it is easy to get ill, no matter how careful you are with the food. Chris was ill the entire time we were in Cape Coast. We actually thought he had malaria and ended up in the hospital where they quickly test you and get the Lab to test your blood more extensively if necessary. Make sure you take your malaria pills when in Ghana as it is very easy to get infected.

Oh and one extra tip. If you are into working out, I found a really cool gym, thanks to a taxi man, only a five minute walk from Oasis. It was full of different machines, some worked some didn’t but it was great if you wanted to do any weight training. I don’t know the name, I just know it faced a petrol station and had a furniture shop outside. Just ask a local and they will direct you there.

Here’s a film showing a little bit of my time here, I didn’t end up filming a lot as I literally just relaxed and ate food.



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