A Girl Backpacking Through Ghana

I decided to head to Ghana on the spur of the moment so I had to sort out visas and injections asap.  (Luckily I already had yellow fever from when I went to South America)

Ghana doesn’t allow a visa on arrival for most Europeans meaning you have to get one prior to entering the country. This can be difficult and sometimes impossible if you are travelling the world and decide to head to Ghana. I expect that most Ghanaian embassies will grant you a visa irrelevant of whether you’re in your home country or not. However, African countries do make up their own rules, for example if you’re in Kenya, the Ghanaian embassy will only give tourist visas to permanent residents of Kenya. Why? No idea!

It’s 11 at night, I’ve arrived in Accra, I walk out the airport, the humidity blasting me in the face, expecting to see my boyfriend who had flown in from Kenya four hours ago. I was scanning every face in the crowd yet he wasn’t there, my heart sank. I managed to find functioning wifi outside the airport, (no idea how, not even Manchester has that) and a bombardment of messages came through,

“they won’t let me in, they’ve detained me”

“i’ve been here 5 hours now”

“I think they’re planning on sending me back to Kenya”

“-facebook missed call-”

“-facebook missed call-”

“Phia your plane should have landed, where are you”


Anyway long story short, they eventually allowed him to enter Ghana but without his passport and on terms that he returned with different paperwork that we didn’t really understand.

One thing you learn quick in Africa is that rules change regularly depending on who’s working each shift. We returned two days later with the initial paperwork, they still refused him a visa, we returned three days later with the same paperwork printed on a different piece of paper and the visa was accepted.

So once we had the passport returned we headed up to Have, in the Volta region it’s about four hours north from Accra by minibus.

Here’s a short film I made of my time in this part of Ghana.

I hope you enjoy!



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