An Insight Into Education In Ghana

I am currently in Ghana and have just spent the last two weeks in a village called Have, working with Anja Charity Foundation.

Anja School was created in 2010 by Alfred who noticed lots of children hanging about on the streets not going to school. The problem here in Ghana is that although the schools are considered “free”, a lot include extra fees that the under privileged children can not afford which makes going to school impossible.

This is where Anja Charity comes in to full force!
Alfred has created a donation funded school which has a ZERO fee policy meaning the same children he saw on the streets are now attending Anja School.
After beginning in 2010 with a make shift hut from palm trees, seven years later the school boasts six classrooms. The only issue is that because the school is run on donations, some months there are no funds to pay the teachers meaning children have to merge classes.
The main goal is to get Anja to be government funded so that theyΒ have a sustainable school that does not rely solely on donations and volunteers. Government funding will ensure that they always have paid, qualified teachers to provide an optimal education for their students. In order to meet government standards, they need to build three additional classrooms, each classroom costsΒ Β£1200. When this happens Anja guarantees maintaining it’s ZERO fee policy.
I made a short film to show the story behind Anja Charity. Please Share.
If you feel like donating to help Anja move one step closer to their dream of having a fully fledged school click donate
I hope you enjoy the film.



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