Backpacking To Sydney – Beach Life and Pool Parties

Sydney as a backpacker is possible however the most expensive part is finding a place to stay that doesn’t eat up all your savings. Lots of hostels will offer you a discount price if you’re planning to stay for a while so keep that in mind if you’re struggling to find/afford a room to rent.

The best way to experience Australia is to get a working- holiday visa and work a few hours behind a bar or clearing tables. That way you can enjoy your time instead of forever working out the exchange rate and limiting yourself to what you do.

That being said I actually went to Australia to see my sister so I was extremely lucky and was able to stay at her place. The one thing that came as a surprise to me was that eating out in Sydney is actually quite affordable you just have to know where to go and what offers are available.

For example in Manly, North Sydney there is a great sushi place called E-do Japanese and Korean (2 Sydney Rd, Manly NSW 2095, Australia) which does these amazing sushi rolls for only $3.80. It’s obviously not the best sushi in the world but it’s definitely worth the price. I would recommend it one hundred percent. (Get the spicy tuna and avocado.)

I didn’t plan on making a video on Sydney as I was spending time with family but after looking through my laptop I realised I had filmed a bit and I wanted to make a little memory of my time there.

Sydney is an incredible place to visit, especially if you want some normality back into your life after travelling through Asia. I have had such an incredible time and do not want to leave!

Here’s a short film of some of my time in Sydney.



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