The Undiscovered City – Kupang, Indonesia

This is the Capital of West Timor. A lot of people do not like Kupang and come here only because they’re heading either to some of the Islands or for a visa run to East Timor.
Make sure you actually experience Kupang, it has so much to offer you just have to give it a chance. I nicknamed this place the City of Mangos. I don’t know about all year round but if you head there in November. It’s mango galore. I’ve not eaten so many mangos in my life.
Where To Stay
I stayed at a place called Lavalon Hostel. It’s perfect for those on a budget or travelling alone as it’s easy to meet people and the owner is wonderful and really does help you with anything. It’s situated perfectly, with a sea view to accompany your banana pancake and morning coffee.
Where To Eat
If you do come here the one thing you must do is head to the night market and try there fish and there mango juice. I became addicted and each night would head there for food. The fish here is the best that I’ve had throughout my whole trip. It was the first time the fish was so flavoured it didn’t need a sauce to accompany it. Bearing in mind I’m normally the annoying person that always asks for extra sauce. Some may say the food on the market isn’t the most hygienic but I ate there every night and was absolutely fine.
What To Do In Kupang
Now activity wise. One day spend playing the Bemo game. (A bemo is there mini public bus) The bemo game is simply catching whatever bemo that passes until the last stop and seeing where you end up. It costs around 4000 per bemo and is a great way to see the surrounding areas of the city. Plus such a fun way to mix with the locals as many are confused to see foreigners in those areas of the city. They are such lovely people, so welcoming and just want to talk.
Another must for when you’re in Kupang is to visit the cave, although don’t go on a weekend because it’ll be full of people from the villages. (You can get a Bemo to the cave.)
I won’t lie I went with very low expectations but once I climbed down into the cave to the bottom,  I was stunned. It was the clearest water I’ve ever seen, so clear you could see the entirety of your body from above. The locals would jump off the rocks into the water, I’m so glad I went. From the outside you would not in a million years expect this place to exist.
So, if you’re near or have the option to visit Kupang do it! This city comes alive at night and there are so many different places to go. They are really trying to get this place known, it’s a wonderful city full of so much potential. I will definitely go back one day and spend more time there. But next time I’ll rent a bike and see what the beaches have to offer!
Indonesia. There are no words to describe how vast and how unique of a country you are.
Thank you!

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