Backpacking To Flores, Indonesia – Labuan Bajo

Here is a short film I made in Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo is a hidden diamond. From the moment I stepped off the boat I got an overwhelming feeling of happiness. The crazy indonesian culture is so pure here with barbecues everywhere, fish sizzling and motorbikes wizzing past. It felt like true Indonesia.
This place is predominantly visited for it’s diving or for people visiting the Komodo Islands. Yet it is insane how so many people arrive after the boat trip and fail to spend even 1 day in Labuan Bajo.
I spent 4 days here and loved every second. I’m starting to notice that I love places that give you the mix of Asian culture yet with the option to recoup in a modern, calm and clean place. Here you have the option to eat local at the markets or go to the couple restaurants (obviously a lot more expensive) which have amazing views of the harbour and a great range of food. This is a necessity after a 4 day boat trip with no clean water!
The only issue in Labuan Bajo is the accommodation for those on a budget trip. At the moment there seems to be only one place called Bajo Nature Backpackers that offers CLEAN dorms. The place was fine although lacked in security as there were no lockers and the aircon did not work, plus it is one room with about 24 beds. Although it’s not as bad as it sounds. The beds are great, with your own light and plug socket and they serve toast for breakfast with CHOCOLATE SPREAD, this made my mornings so much more enjoyable. Also if you use the cafe next door they give you a 15 % discount. If in need of a real coffee head there and try their freezasomething. It was mouthwateringly good.
Another place I can recommend is Taco Bajo, it’s a Mexican restaurant which is linked to a bakery so you can go in the morning for breakfast and in the evening for some Tacos. The price is reasonable with views as far as the eye can see of the bluest of waters, the perfect way to start a morning.
If you’re there and don’t want to go diving nor snorkelling the one thing that is a must is renting a bike and heading to a waterfall called Cunca Wulang. It’s about an hour on motorbike and once you arrive you have to trek through the forest for about 30 minutes. You’ll then come to a cliff, it’s about 10 meters high which you can jump off and then swim up stream into the waterfall. I can’t stress how much fun it was.
So, if you are heading over to Flores, definitely give yourself a few days in Labuan Bajo. You won’t be disappointed.

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