4 Day Boat Trip – Lombok To Flores, Indonesia

Travelling from Lombok to Flores.

There are three ways to do this.
By Boat
By Ferry and Bus
By Plane.
If you’re limited on time yet you want to see Komodo Island I would simply get the plane to Labuan Bajo and do a day trip from there. The plane can be between 30-50 euros and is not direct. You have to connect in Bali.
Another option if you have time but fancy something a bit different is to do one of the organised boat trips. You can do a 4 days, 3 night trip which includes going to Komodo Island, snorkelling, swimming with Manta Rays, small treks and all food included. It costs between €110 – €130 or more if you prefer a private cabin. Although I wouldn’t recommend the cabins. They’re cramped and stuffy and it’s much nicer to be with the group as some nights you might fancy sleeping on the deck with the stars. The one thing I must advise is that you double / triple check which boat you’ll be getting. There are different types the smaller one has not been viewed positively at all. I was lucky that I got the big boat which has a lot of open space for lounging and sunbathing.
If you have loads of time and want a more cultured, nitty gritty type trip, you need to go to the east of Lombok there is a boat you can catch to the next island and it will take you about 3 – 4 days taking buses, bemos, taxis to reach Flores.
I was planning on going from Lombok to Flores by bus as I get horrific sea sickness so the boat option seemed impossible however I met a few people who had gone by bus and their experiences were not exactly jaw droppingly incredible. They recommended me to catch a plane or do the boat trip instead.
Those that I met that had done the boat trip would not stop saying how amazing it was. In fact it was a girl that also suffers from seasickness that truly made me take the plunge and do the trip despite my worries of being ill. I am so glad I did the boat trip, I was only ill one night out of 3 so I took some seasickness pills which knocked me out and sent me straight to sleep. The food was mediocre, some loved it but some, like myself hated it. Although it’s only 4 days, just keep stocked up on Oreos and fruit and you’ll be fine.
Here is my film of the 4 days, it was such a great experience made a million times better by the wonderful group of people I was surrounded by.




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