Bali to Gili T, Indonesia

The Gili Islands are just 2 hours on a fast boat, situated North East of Bali. There are three, Trawangan, Meno and Air. The cheapest price I could find travelling alone from Ubud, Bali was 250,000R including the taxi and the boat which equates to around 18 euros. If you’re travelling with more people perhaps you could get it to 200,000R. Never pay more than 450,000R for a return. (based from Ubud) Also, check the boat company being used, the small boat is really cramped and a bumpy ride. Make sure you get the big boat, then you can go above board and sunbathe on the way.

Gili T is known as the party Island and I stayed at a place called Gili Beach Bum Hotel. (It’s a hostel but the word hostel is no longer legally allowed) The place was ok, but I found it quite strange how a hostel that is completely full lacked in atmosphere. Also I really didn’t understand their arrival booking system, if you arrive after 2pm they will suspend your booking without notice with no refund of deposit unless you email ahead to advise that you’ll arrive later. I arrived at 3:30pm as the boat was running late and was extremely lucky that nobody turned up asking for a bed as they would have got mine! I’ve never experienced such a policy throughout my whole time travelling. Anyway… it has good aircon, extremely central and a pool that you can see the sea from and luckily I made friends with a group of guys that took me under their wings for a few nights.
The main place people eat is at the night market which opens at 6pm but do be warned a lot of people including myself got ill. It may not be the food specifically from there as I can’t be 100 percent sure but that was the only place I ate from and I got really poorly. However the fruit juices at the market are delicious, I had one of my favourite ever watermelon juices for a normal price of 15,000R compared to day prices where places on the island charge nearly double.
If you do get ill and fancy western food for a bit there’s a place I can’t recommend enough which is called the Roast House. Ask specifically for the mozzarella cheese in the baguettes or burgers and you will be in heaven. Such generous portions for around 50,000R which is €3.60. The cheese will be dripping out your mouth.
All in all Gili T was fun, I LOVE that no cars or motorbikes are allowed on the islands meaning although it’s touristy, it’s still got its unique little charm. Oh and something I noticed was that there are not many Indonesian women to be seen, mostly men but probably because it’s a Muslim country and Gili T is now a high profile tourist party destination.
Here’s my short film from the 4 nights I had on the Island.

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