Leaving Bali After 2 Days

Bali is a place most people dream of going to so when I decided to leave Malaysia early in order to catch good weather in Indonesia before the rain came I couldn’t have been more excited to arrive in what I thought was spiritual paradise. How wrong I was…

I can’t speak for the entirety of Bali as I’m sure for those who want to surf and party Bali is the place to be. But for those looking for culture and natural beauty, unless you rent a motorbike and drive North or away from any main town all you’re going to find is shops, taxi men and yoga retreats perfect for girls who’ve just read eat, love, pray…

I went to Ubud and was there for 2 days. There is nothing to do there unless you have a good budget to go on the different trips or tours that are on offer. Ubud itself has nothing other than over commercialised streets full of motorbikes, and new buildings being constructed every five meters.  I was left so disheartened that after 2 days I decided to leave in search of something different. I’ve been told that if you head to Northern Bali it has not been ruined as much by tourism.

Even though I wasn’t a fan of Ubud it was still full of beauty in its own way and I am glad I popped over for a few days at least, maybe I’ll come back but for now I think there are much more interesting parts of Indonesia to discover.



One thought on “Leaving Bali After 2 Days

  1. That’s a shame. I spend a couple of weeks in Ubud every year, in health retreats. Yes, it can be commercialized, noisy and brash, but find the right places and it’s beautiful, spiritual and wonderful. Sunrise walks, yoga, meditation, raw food, excellent treatments – it’s all there if you look for it. The North is also wonderful. I hope you give Bali another chance.


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