Penang Island – I Must Go Back

Penang lies about 5 hours north by bus from Kuala Lumpur, or 30 minutes by plane from Langkawi Island.

If I were to live in Malaysia, George Town, Penang would definitely be a place I would consider to live for a couple months or so. It somehow has managed to create this wonderful balance of Asian culture with a western touch. Westerners have not taken over and so the city is bursting with personality. George Town is a UNESCO world heritage site meaning it cannot be destroyed to make space for new builds.

It’s got this incredible mix of both Europe and Asia, but not too much Europe, just what’s necessary so you’re able to experience a completely different culture while still having the option to escape to a clean air conditioned cafe with fast wifi.

If you’re travelling and sleeping in dorms I would highly recommend The Frame Guesthouse as my hostel of choice, the hostel itself is very modern and is good for both those who want to relax, watch movies and also if you want to socialise and meet people. It has that home away form home feeling.Β The people who work there are incredibly helpful which makes such a difference when you have no idea where you’re going. Plus you can catch the bus to the airport just a two minute walk from the hostel. Some people did say that the private dorms felt a bit like a prison cells as it is just a box room.

If on a budget and you would like a room to yourself for a night or two like I did I would recommend House Of Journey hostel but one room in specific, if you can, ask for the attic double. The others just seemed ok, but I was lucky and got given the attic double and it was just perfect. Really spacious and seemingly posh for what I paid, I felt like a travelling queen for a night or two. (Although it is shared bathroom)

Anyhow, if you’re going to be in Malaysia make sure that George Town, Penang is marked on your list or you will kick yourself for not going. The food is out of this world, the street art is inventive and the people like always in Malaysia are the kindest.

Here is a short film of what I got up to in George Town, Penang.



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