Hostel Life In Langkawi, Malaysia

I had not planned to go to Langkawi, I was sat in the hostel common area in Kuala Lumpur looking at a map deciding where the hell to go, bearing in mind monsoon season is heading it’s way, therefore East Malaysia is off the cards. After asking what seemed like the entire hostel population I was persuaded to go to Langkawi Island. North West Malaysia.

Normally when travelling I go by land but flights to and from the Island are so cheap and much quicker if travelling from KL. My flight to Langkawi with luggage from KL was around €20 and the same leaving it. In fact the ferry leaving Langkawi to Penang was the same price as the flight.

I stayed at a place called Shaka, which at low season was the most perfect place to stay as it was small and there were people there so it was easy to socialise for solo travellers. Perhaps in high season places like Zackry Guesthouse which is 50 meters away would have more going on with better facilities. Shaka was very basic as you’ll see in the film below.

Going to Langkawi in October does not guarantee you good weather but if you get the chance to head there I would say go as soon as you can before it gets ruined by the developing ways of the world. Just opposite to where I was staying, you could see the start of more hotels being built, with huge plots of land directly on the beach being taken over by corporate investors. So go now, don’t leave it any longer!

The Northern beaches are a lot prettier than the ones in the South West but to be honest once you’ve seen the others, a beach is a beach. Weather permitting you can do Island hopping which is reasonably priced but the best part of being in Langkawi is simply renting a scooter and discovering the island yourself.  It is so beautiful and the people are incredibly friendly.

The one thing that truly stood out to me here was that the locals don’t try and rip you off, perhaps they’ll charge you a little more but normally you’ll be charged the going rate. I’ve not needed to haggle here in Malaysia and it’s so refreshing. (except taxis)

My few days in Langkawi were like in the movies, with such a kind and smiley group of people from all over the world. Delicious food, a million laughs and hundreds of stories.  Langkawi definitely surpassed all my expectations, I could not have hoped for a better time. One day I’ll go back when it’s better weather and perhaps enjoy a different side to Langkawi, (Langkawi with Sun) but I’d have to invite everyone who was there with me so we could do round two! Night fires with burnt marshmallows are the best.

Here’s a film of my few days in Langkawi, showing the real beauty of the Island.





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