Where To Party In Kuala Lumpur?

If you’re going to be passing by Kuala Lumpur and you love a night out, make sure you spend the weekend here. There are so many people that decide to just pass KL all together but don’t!

It does take a bit getting use to as there are so many people, car, noises. The first two days you’ll spend getting to grips with the city and then slowly but surely you’ll see the beauty within the madness.

The nightlife is insane in Kuala Lumpur. Check out my video to see exactly where you should go and how tourists are able to enter one of the biggest clubs in the world for free! Guys make sure you have long pants, girls if you want to dress up for going out out you definitely can, i.e dresses and heels will make you fit in rather than stand out.  No flip flops allowed.

Whatever you do, don’t spend your weekend in KL in an Irish bar, (which most hostels will persuade you to do) leave that for the week days and party with the locals in the big clubs. Kuala Lumpur is the Capital after all, take advantage of what it has to offer, you’ll not regret it, trust me.


p.s I am uploading as often I can, internet on some of these Islands is not the best.






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