What Are The Chances?

Sometimes the world truly surprises me.

 I’m still in Kuala Lumpur. Due to leave at the end of the week. I’ve been sleeping in a 4 bed female dorm and two days ago a girl called Nikki De Kloet arrived with her backpack, a small rucksack and her guitar.

Just before she was about to leave, we remembered she still hadn’t played anything for us in the dorm. I begged her to play something so she jumped of her bunk bed and started to tune the guitar.


How many songs must there be in the world? Google says it’s over 87 Billion. What are the chances that she chooses one of the songs that at the moment makes me extremely sentimental!

Did someone put her in my path to make me cry? To make me remember? I don’t know but what I do know is that Nikki De Kloet is incredible and I wish more people like her found their way into the music industry.



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