3 Girls Travelling Alone In Malaysia

Isn’t it crazy how people always worry about girls travelling the world alone. Yet no one stops to think just how many women are out there with their backpacks strapped on, about to start off on an adventure of their own.

They may set off alone but that doesn’t last for long, each one of these women from around the world cross paths and join each other on days exploring, theyΒ share laughs and meals. Stories are created that they’ll be telling years later. This sudden friendship that has formed ends just as quickly with a Facebook add and a quick good bye, off they go in opposite directions not knowing whether they’ll cross paths ever again. But it’s a goodbye full of well wishes and excitement for the next chapter of the book to be formed.

Any girl or boy, man or woman out there who wants to travel but has no one to go with. Don’t worry. Just book that ticket and go! Β You’ll meet hundreds of other people in the same situation just wanting to explore and have a good time.



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