Travelling 3 Months · Zero Plans

I am officially on the road again.

This year has not planned out how I thought it would. Right about now I thought I’d be moving in with my boyfriend, starting back at work with my clients, buying our first joint house furniture necessities, perhaps getting my lazer appointments organised so that summer 2017 I’d be a hairless specimen and signing up to French classes.

It’s actually laughable, how wrong I was!

So here I am in a part of the world I had never really imagined going to, without what feels like my right arm.  But I know that slowly the arm will grow, it’ll reappear stronger than ever, it just takes time.


Sometimes I hate time. I hate how certain things simply take time to get better and that the “time” while you’re in it passes so slow but then once you’re out of it, it seems like it passed so quick.

I still can’t quite believe where I am, but booking those plane tickets three weeks ago made me feel alive again, gave me structure and a goal. I am so excited to see what I discover in these three months. So far I have met a girl from a TV soap who I failed to recognise and an insect scientist who plans to save the world through insect protein in order to decrease the need for more expensive food sources like cattle. (I was definitely not expecting that when I asked what his business trip was about.)

Isn’t the world just beautifully strange.

So, one step at a time. I will heal. I will be ok. But most of all I am going to have a hell of a lot of fun!



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