Going On Holiday Alone | Phia Griffin

People seem to go travelling on their own, but what about if you just want to go on holiday?

Travelling is NOT a holiday. It is tiring, expensive and your feet will become numb due to the amount of walking you do. What if you just want to relax, do nothing except beach, book, watermelon and sleep, yet there’s one problem. You have nobody to go with…

As you get older, friends will get into relationships, they’ll get a “proper job” and there will be less time for a girls getaway or a party holiday with the boys. Three month long summers will soon be a distant memory… Or in my case, my friends are skint, I’m so last minute that I can’t plan anything with anyone and my boyfriend, well, he’s not even got holidays this summer. So what do I do? Stay moping about throughout the summer, while friends go away with boyfriends, or uni friends and I continue spending the money I’ve earned throughout the year at home? Hell NO! Life is meant to be lived! You can’t wait around for others to enjoy yourself. You just have to look at a map, see what flights are cheap and go!

It really is that easy! I’ve just got back from Paros, Greek Island. I thought I’d go Island hopping, beach to beach and just chill.  As long as I have a book in hand and my camera, I’m happy. Remember there are so many people in this world. Not everything evolves around the people you spend your day to day life with. Friends can be made anywhere and if you’re on your own, it’s even easier, trust me.

The one thing that is key, is staying in a hostel as there is no other easier way to meet people, well or couch-surfing but that can be hit and miss.  If you want to have your own space as in not share a room, just reserve a private room but it’s essential it’s in a hostel. If you go to any old hotel I don’t think you’ll have as good an experience as it will be much harder to meet people. People are everything. You can be in the most beautiful place in the world but if you spend the entire time alone. Sometimes it can get boring. Your friends from home were once strangers. Don’t ever forget that.  A stranger that enters your life may remain a stranger or perhaps will become a life long friend.


The video below is a quick snippet of my time in Paros. I ended up making amazing friends with the owner of the hostel called Stav and a girl called Nicole from New Zealand who made my time on that Island just perfect. I felt so at home and did not want to leave, so I didn’t, I spent 11 nights at the hostel. People said I was part of the furniture. Even sneezy made a friend. 2016-08-08 15.09.23

But you know what, I was truly happy and I was holidaying on my OWN.

Would you ever dare go on holiday alone? I definitely recommend it.








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