Let Me Sell My Body For Sex

Everyday we sell our knowledge and our skills in return for a salary, so why can’t we sell our bodies? Why can’t people legally pay for my body if I’m offering it?

Prostitution is one of the oldest jobs in history dating back to at least 2400 B.C. when it appeared on an ancient Sumerian list of professions along with working as a doctor, scribe, barber and cook.

I know someone, who recently for the first time last year, began to go to Ibiza and work as a prostitute in a villa turned summer brothel. The girl is around my age and could not find a job that pays enough to live and for her it seemed like the only option.

The way it works in Ibiza is the “pimps” of the sex industry invest thousands and thousands roughly £100,000 in renting a huge villa for around 4 months of the summer. Girls are flown in from cities all over Europe. The first step to procuring business is to ensure that all the local taxi drivers now know that this brothel is open.  They are given a commission for every person they bring to the villa. When you walk into the house you are seated and then you will be presented with all the girls available. Each girl introduces themselves and tries to persuade you to choose them. Some girls are requested for later to visit the clients in their own hotel room, obviously at a higher price. This is a lot riskier as once they are in the hotel room there is no way for anyone to protect them. They simply have the person who took them waiting outside in the car until they are finished.

On the website for the villa, all the pools, rooms, bars are  advertised with women displayed half naked. It is obvious what is happening in places like this and everyone turns a blind eye. The police know it is happening, yet there is nothing they can really do about it. There is no way of stopping this, just as there is no way of stopping drug use.

One might ask in the 21st century, why is prostitution still not recognised as a worldwide profession? Whether you agree with it or not, it is happening and while the sex industry is criminalised the longer women will remain at risk.  In some countries it is only the buying of sex which is illegal, therefore sex workers usually experience panicky situations, where they are forced to have unprotected sex, due to clients fears of using condoms, as it could be used as DNA evidence against them if police were to burst in.

As the economy is set for a downturn once again, with a lost generation struggling for any significant employment. I know that more women are considering these types of opportunities to make quick money. Even if it is only for the summer. These women need to be protected not simply by a couple of security men on the door of a brothel or a random man waiting down in the car until the 30 minutes is up. No. They need to be protected by the state and have ways to make this into a recognised, tax paying profession. We are human, sex is something that nearly everyone desires. Yet it is a criminalised industry. Where is the logic?

It is basic economics. If there is a demand for a product or service, people will supply it whether it is legal or illegal. If prostitution as a whole were to be legal, a man would be able to satisfy their sexual urges by hiring a prostitute rather than raping a random woman. While this may sound awful if you truly think it over, it does make sense. In 1980, lawmakers in Rhode Island, USA accidentally removed the section that defined prostitution as a crime, and it went unnoticed until 2003. Technically, it had been like this for three decades, from 1980-2009. During those years, the number of women involved in prostitution and the size of the indoor sex market largely increased. But surprisingly, rape cases declined by 31 percent.

Sex is not a bad thing, sex is natural, we all do it. Prostitution solely is a victimless crime. What makes the sex trade dangerous is its illegality, as it is not controlled. It is left to the black market which means no protection for women.

Perhaps you see sex as a sacred thing and only to be done with someone you love, but not all women think that way. One woman may prefer to work 10 hours waiting tables or cleaning toilets where as another woman would prefer to have sex for an hour with someone she doesn’t know. These are choices. We are all different and the law should not favour one persons choice over the other.

While selling sex is not illegal in the UK, the buying of it is illegal in certain environments, it means that it is still impossible to have a legal viable business in selling your own body for sex. All people deserve to be protected by the law, irrelevant of their type of profession.

Why must I go to Amsterdam to feel protected? Or to have to join an illegal brothel to have some kind of protection meaning my money goes to the hands of someone else? If tomorrow I want to have sex for money using my own body, why can’t I turn this into a legal business? Tobacco, gambling, alcohol are all businesses that are now legal, these are businesses that are run predominately by men. If prostitution were to become legal it would mean a lot of men who make untaxed profits in the sex industry, would miss out as the middle man is no longer necessary. The power and the money would now be in the hands of women. Could it be, the main reason prostitution is illegal is because men worry women would gain too much power?

Feel free to share this article, you may think this is irrelevant to you, but the sex industry is worth BILLIONS and BILLIONS yet it is illegal in most of the world. Don’t you think that if it was the other way around and women were forever seeking sex from men and willing to pay for it, don’t you think it would have been made legal years ago? It just happens that this particular industry would give women a huge economical advantage and we all know what comes with money… POWER.




5 thoughts on “Let Me Sell My Body For Sex

  1. This might seem like a great idea to do now, but having sex with so many random people will absolutely destroy your ability to form normal pair bonds in the long-run and will fuck up any chance you have at a normal relationship and family, and if you think you can just separate and compartmentalise your life in to ‘this was the time I was a prostitute’ and now ‘this is the phase I’m starting a normal family’ – you won’t be able to.

    Prostitution may be the oldest profession, but the visceral shame that most women feel for being a whore goes back about the same amount of time, and they go together because the nuclear family is the foundation that Western Civilization is built on. The fact that we are starting to think that its something that is not necessary is linked with the current decline of the West.

    Serious question and not trying to ask this to strike a nerve, but do you have a father and if so what’s he like – do you respect him?


    1. I don’t think it’s the best thing to do. I think you’ve missed the point of the article. Or maybe it should have been made clearer on my side. Women are going to have sex for money. Whether it’s legal or not. I am not saying that I think its perfectly normal to have sex for money. BUT it is someones choice, and women should be protected if they feel they have no other option than to sell their bodies for sex.


  2. If a woman wants to sell her sexual services why doesn’t she hire a body guard of her own to protect her? By the way, taxation is slavery…so I disagree that prostitution or any profession should be taxed.

    Your travel video from 2016 – 2017 are really great! Thanks for posting them. You are a very attractive woman. It would have been great to see more long shots of you!

    Have fun in Bordeaux!


  3. If a woman wants to sell her sexual services why doesn’t she hire a body guard of her own to protect her? By the way, taxation is slavery…so I disagree that prostitution or any profession should be taxed.

    Your travel video from 2016 – 2017 are really great! Thanks for posting them. You are a very attractive woman. It would have been great to see more long shots of you!

    Have fun in Bordeaux!


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