Laughter Will Forever Be Free

Surprising mum could not have gone better. I love to surprise people, knowing that they are going to basically cry with happiness. This week seeing the way my mum can laugh at literally anything and everything has made me realise that I don’t laugh enough. Life is so short, I should relax more and allow myself toย laugh so hard that you have to breath slowly in order to stop it. Tears rolling down your face. That is the type of laughter life is made for.

There is nothing better than seeing one of the people you love the most in this world crying with laughter. This is what happened throughout the weekย and imagine putting her best friend into the mix. They both truly know, how to have a good time. They laugh, they talk, they cry but all in good spirit. I hope that when I am 60 I am as carefree and as crazy as these two.

Anyone who’s mum lives around the corner does not realise how lucky they are to have them naturally integrated into their own life, without the need for a plane ticket. Although, don’t get me wrong, i’m too use to my independent life to liveย with my mum but just to have her a short bus ride away or a simple walk from my flat would change my life a lot.

This film of Mums 60th makes me smile throughout. I wonder how we’ll be celebrating in 10 years time.






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