Best Way to Quickly Explore a City

To be completely honest when I visit a city the last thing I want to do is spend my time visiting museums and looking at random buildings / churches that I know nothing about. That’s not my idea of a good time. I prefer to wander streets, grab a coffee, eat food, see what grabs my attention and most importantly, people watch!


While interailing through Europe one of the things that became handy, existed in pretty much every city and truly cultivated my experience was the option of a Free Walking Tour.

There’s a meeting point generally somewhere central and well known and you get taken round the most interesting points. The guide is usually quite up beat and a history enthusiast. The tour lasts between 2 – 3 hours depending on the city and then at the end you tip what you deem is fair. They run one in the morning and another in the afternoon. I always went for the morning ones. (who likes walking round a city at the hottest point of the day)

I did the Free Walking Tour the first day in which ever city I happened to be in. It helped me get my bearings and also gave me a huge insight into the history without the need to read a guide book or research beforehand. (Absolutely necessary for me, short attention span) The tours were so memorable as it helped me get a real feeling for each city. It also meant that anything I did find of interest I could read up about later on once I was back at the hostel. The fact that it was only 3 hours long allowed me time revisit anything that I really liked. Seeing the Eiffel Tour, I was literally mesmerised, I’m a real romantic at heart, ended up going back the next day and didn’t leave until the lights came on.

If you are travelling alone it’s also a great way to meet other travellers as the majority of people that come along are young, on a low budget and wanting to explore.

Here are some pictures of when I was doing these tours.


Barcelona, Sagrada Familia. I actually met a guy from Burnley while on this tour! Which is 10 minutes from my house. DSC02090

DSCF0520 Budapest, locks of love.



I met two guys from New Zealand on this tour who I ended up spending the rest of the day with. The tour guide recommended a place where we could go and eat snails!! These were delicious, my first time trying garlic snails! YUMP1020017



This was probably one of the best tours I did as the guide was amazing and was just so in love with the city and had so much knowledge. DSCF0480

Hope this has been useful!

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