“Women Deserve to be Raped”

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Women deserve to get a penis shoved inside their body, whether they agree to it or not. Isn’t that right. Or as we are going to be talking about India, multiple penises.

You may think I’m being vulgar but the reality is that hundreds of women are raped daily in India with no one there to protect them. According to the National Crime Records Bureau‘s (NCRB) in the year 2013, there was 33,707 reported rape cases. Yet somehow, I don’t quite believe this is the real number of women raped. Let me put this into perspective.

UK – population 64.1 million -22,100 reported rape cases.                                           India – population 1.2 billion – 33,707 reported rape cases.

Statistically speaking means you are 11 times more likely to be raped in the UK than in India. It’s a load of rubbish. NCRB reports state that the number of reported rapes in India are only an estimated 1% of the total number of rapes that take place annually in the country.

This issue in regards to rape that exists in India is appalling yet we seem to automatically link India with beauty, yoga, peace and tranquillity. Which is great because yeah, that does exist, but now, for me personally, it fails to even compensate in comparison to the harsh reality that is India.

Occasionally in the news you will hear a story about something happening on a bus to a women by a group of men. But the reality of this is, it isn’t occasional, it is happening right now. This second there will be a woman being ambushed by a number of men, while being simultaneously beaten and raped. That women will be left by the roadside to die, if they don’t kill her while fucking her that is. It makes me angry just writing it. But it’s happening.

You may be sat there reading this thinking I’m exaggerating but answer me one thing. If the situation wasn’t that bad why would the majority of buses have women help lines (H.L) written on the side.

Snapshot_67    Snapshot_68

These are some pictures I took while in New Delhi. I then proceeded to ask the driver about the situation in India. This is what he said.

The problem for women is bad now, because yes they are vulnerable”

I asked him why there seem to be so my gang rapes in India.

“it’s because what happens is men come from the small villages to the big cities. They come to try and start a new life, and normally come in groups by bus. These men don’t have education, in their villages the women don’t have many rights. The women are never alone, and they certainly don’t travel alone. So what happens is when they are on a bus and see a woman without a man, they don’t understand, they think she has been disowned. The men think they can do what they want to her. A lot of the time they abuse the woman so bad until she dies and then they throw her out of the bus. If she doesn’t die while they rape her, then normally they will kill her themselves”

When the driver finished explaining this I nearly burst into tears right there. I mean I’m shaking simply writing this article. The driver was taking us to the Airport we were catching a flight to Srinagar, Kashmir, North India. So while we waited for the flight I started to look into this a bit more. This is what I read.

“There have been allegations of rape and mass rape in Jammu and Kashmir. Reports have shown that rape has been carried out by both Indian armed forces and Islamist militant groups.”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, and it just got worse as it went on, yet in 20 minutes I was catching a plane to this area. I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say a word about it to Argo, (my boyfriend) I didn’t want him to worry.

If you want to see more about Srinagar you can watch my short films, which show in detail what it’s like in this area. Or read about my Worst Travelling Experience which may make you see why I am so forthright with my views on this subject.

While I was in New Delhi, I spent the whole day with a boy called Pelota. I asked him also about the situation and this was his response.Snapshot_69

“In New Delhi it is dangerous for women, but it’s not as bad as it was a few years ago, before it was happening even more”

I asked him why he thinks it was happening so much

the men that do it don’t have much education and are old fashioned, they are old in the mind and think they can do what they want to girls”

Everyone I asked were men, any woman I tried to ask couldn’t speak English. When I was on a train from Jaisalmer back to New Delhi I was in a cabin with Military men. Some fixed planes the others were soldiers. Those that fixed the planes could speak good English, this was their explanation.Snapshot_71

the problem in India is the education, only a few years ago did education become mandatory so the majority of people don’t know what is acceptable and they follow what they have seen their fathers do or other family members, especially those from the villages. In order for India to change, it will take at least another 20 years, until the generation who will have schooling will learn what is acceptable. Most the people that have education don’t mistreat their women. My wife is the boss of my home, she does all the cooking and looks after the home because in India not many women work, but I would never mistreat her”

The other man that was sat next to him then interrupted

these men think that if a woman is on her own they can do what they want, or if she is wearing a shorter skirt or showing more of her skin than normal. They think they can take that girl away. They blame it on the girl, its crazy”

For me the predominant problem that was occurring was lack of education. There is an obvious culture in India that women before were nothing, like in many parts of the world. It is irrelevant the religion it is all about culture.

Whilst I was in the Himalayas camping with “gypsies”, one thing that struck me was the horses behaviour. You would hear screeching from the horses regularly. One day I asked the group of men why they were fighting, one laughed.

“it’s because the man horse wants sex and the girl horse doesn’t want it so she is trying to fight him, she doesn’t want.” 

Now, I’m no expert on horses, but I did grow up on a farm for 9 years, the female horse was literally kicking the other horse in the face, which I’ve never seen before. But anyway, that isn’t my point, my point is the reaction of the men. They thought it was funny and normal, they showed no sympathy for the female horse.

This may sound ridiculous but, could it be that men, who have no education and who live in these villages and look after these animals. Could it be, that they treat the women, imitating the way the male animals treat female animals using violence and pure aggression. After all this is people that have ZERO education. To me it seems like a logical factor to explain a possible reason to this behaviour. Baring in mind that “India currently has the largest population of illiterate adults in the world with 287 million. This is 37 per cent of the global total. ”

In India if you are married, living with your husband and your husband rapes you, it is not legally considered rape. The moment you get married you are basically ownership of your husband by law.

I’m finishing writing this article, exasperated. Is it truly only time that can change the situation for women in India? Awareness needs to be raised and support needs to be given by government. Law needs to be correctly implemented to support the rights of the women in India. All men of all ages in India and throughout the world need to know what is acceptable. Awareness and Education is the answer.

Please share this article and get this message out there. You might not be in India right now and think it doesn’t effect you. But people are people, and as women we shouldn’t have fear for simply having a vagina.

No person in this world deserves to be raped.



3 thoughts on ““Women Deserve to be Raped”

  1. Dear Phia, your videos regarding India are amazing. I have not seen so much about India being born there. You clearly have a biased view about India. I hail from Bengal (the same Bengal who kicked the butt of colonialists during independence struggle). I grew up and finished my college before moving to US, and in my entire life I have never heard a single rape case in the neighborhoods I lived in the East and north India. I guess I am lucky or the situation is not so bad as it is projected. Although you didnt speak about any religion while talking about rapes in India (you always say culture, but I have heard some western girls clearly blaming HIndus), You clearly have a bias against Hindusim/Buddhism….which is OK. In the educated west rapes are common in school/college dormitories under INFLUENCE of alcohol and drugs (I have many Turkish/Arabic friends. Go and ask your Turkish/Arab friends what they think about western women). Rapes are common in most ghettos in the west where poor and uneducated live. Rapes are common in Muslim dominated areas in London. Good luck with your views….halal hippie, and really never go back to India. I am sorry you chose to go there.


    1. Hi Sam. I don’t know how you can even try and say you’ve never heard about one rape case within your neighbour hood when it is one of the biggest issues in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and most Arab States. I say culture because it is culture. It is not related with religion. People may argue that it’s religion but it’s not. In more developed countries rape is not something that is seen as normal, it is not something that is expected to happen to women. Where as while I was in India, men of all religions and mostly men of an age over 40 or younger but with no education all believed that if a women was out late at night she deserved what she got. That is not to say that in Arab countries this does not happen, because it DOES. I will go back to India one day, because I believe that now education is mandatory, within the next 20- 30 years the younger generation will take a stand. I find it insulting against all the women that suffer in India, that you don’t recognise it as a serious issue and think you should consider looking into it a bit more. thanks for reading my article and watching my videos. Phia


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