5 Ways to Enjoy A Long Weekend Away


After travelling to many cities there’s a check list that I do.  It means having a Weekend Away completely stress free and enjoyable. You might be going on holiday and have money to spend, but read these 5 tips and it’ll save you both time and money!

1. Hotel Location                                                                                                                    Pick a hotel that is near the night life, restaurants, where there’s always alot going on ect. A hotel near monuments may seem convenient but that’s only during the day. Remember if you go on a night out, so much better to be nearer to your hotel than have to get a taxi. I don’t trust taxis!! (If you’re only there for seeing monuments then ignore this)

2. Day of the Week Not to Visit                                                                                        Now, before you even book your flights please check if there is a day when everything is closed because believe me this happens. Some monuments especially those that are highly popular may be closed one day a week for cleaning purposes. Or it could even be a special holiday that you’ve never heard of. This happens, ALOT so don’t be one of those that goes to visit a city only has one day and the one day you are there everything is closed. This goes for shops too! Trust me. (speaking from experience)

3. Scams, Scams and more Scams                                                                                Ok, now simply Google the place your going + common tourist scams. This will either save you money or save you from putting yourself in a tricky situation. A lot of times while travelling being conned is part of it all. But there’s nothing that annoys me more than being one of those that falls for it!!!  If you have a rough estimate of how much things should cost or types of ways people will try and steal from you, it will stop you being one of the thousands that fall for these scams. Someone coming to dance with you may seem cultural and exciting until your purse is missing. It’s your own fault, don’t be so gullible. You’ve been warned!

4. Food                                                                                                                                         I’m a strong believer in great food = happy tummies = happy people. Before you go away Trip Advisor the city to find one good place to go and eat, or some typical food that you must try from that area. The rest can be recommended by the hotel / hostel or simply what you come across. Tasty food is the key to truly enjoying a city and if its cheap even better!

5. Transport                                                                                                                       One way to waste your money quick is to get a taxi. Ever heard a taxi man ask you “Your first time here”. Why do you think that is? If you respond yes, it means he can go the longest possible way to arrive at your destination = more money for him. Clever really. Always research to find what the public transport is like in whatever city you’re visiting. Most European cities have great metro facilities or bus routes that are a percentage of the cost and sometimes even quicker.



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