8 Tips on Indian Visa

1005694059556191722_1287476102So, before you apply for the 6 month, Tourist Visa (roughly £100) make sure you follow these steps first. When you apply for the visa you must in this case be in the UK as you have to send off your passport.

There are two options: –

  •   You can send off your passport to London with hopefully, a correctly filled in application. no appointment needed. (can take up to 3 weeks)
  • print off the on-line application, book an appointment in the nearest consulate, once accepted they will send off the passport and the application to Birmingham or London,  you will receive the visa through the mail once accepted. (can take up to 9 days although mine was within 5)

These tips will be based on the second option.

1. Do the online application.                                                                                            You need to create an application online use this link  https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/info1.jsp.                                                          Your visa start date will be the date you complete your application, so don’t do the application months in advance if you are planning on going for a few months.

2. Multiple entry or Double entry                                                                                 Only going once, for a package holiday, SINGLE entry. But if you plan on travelling, no matter what even if you plan on flying to Nepal and back making it 2 times always put MULTIPLE ENTRY. If you only put double they will reject the application and ask for specific details which will delay the process.

3. Reference in India?                                                                                                       On the application it will ask you for a reference in India if like me you don’t know anyone in India simply put the details of the hostel or hotel you plan on staying in when you arrive.

4. Reference within your own country                                                                      Make sure when you put your reference that the person you put doesn’t have the same address as you. For example if you live with your mum DO NOT put her as your reference put a friend or other relative with a different address. Otherwise it will get rejected.

5. I don’t have a mum/dad                                                                                                    If you don’t know your mum or dad and on the application you have entered N/A. You have two options. Either take your birth certificate to the appointment to prove they aren’t on it or simply put who you think is your mum/dad. If you only put N/A they will reject the application.

6. TYPE of PHOTO is important                                                                                          The photo required is a 2inch by 2inch. This is not available in any of the passport machines so the best option is to go to a chemist or pharmacy. (£6 for 2) I would ring around first as not all places do photos. Don’t try and do it yourself, people at the consulate were being sent away because the white on the background wasn’t white enough. (I know) Make sure you have 2 copies.

7. Everything’s submitted but there’s a mistake                                                       If you notice that one little detail is wrong after submitting the application, I’m afraid you will need to cancel the appointment and resubmit another application. Its not much hassle just quickly fill everything in again but whatever you do don’t go to the appointment thinking they will be able to change one letter or number. They WON’T.

8. The UK is Strict                                                                                                                 If you are British the consulate is a lot stricter! My friend from Spain had a number of these points I have mentioned wrong including the type of photo yet they just corrected everything. He didn’t even have to go for an appointment, simply send it off and it was back within 6 days. However with me it was a different story.

Phia 🙂


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