The Next Adventure Begins

The Next Adventure Begins

I know it has been a while since I last posted anything, but to be honest sometimes you have a dip in motivation. I don’t like to create or write anything if it’s forced because I can feel it in the end product.

My main goal the last two months while in Bordeaux was to make as much money as possible as I knew come mid October I wouldn’t be working for three months. For those of you that wonder, I make the majority of my money as a freelancer (language based). It’s a job that I don’t mind doing, I never wake up and dread the thought of going to work, that’s a win in my book. (Although it’s not my plan to forever be in a service based industry – I’ll get into that some other time).

About two weeks ago I left Bordeaux and flew to San Diego, USA. The flight cost about €300 from Manchester with one connection in Boston.  (October 2017) Continue reading “The Next Adventure Begins”


To The Man With Blue Hair

To the man with blue hair.

What you did will not affect me.
What you aimed to do to me will not haunt me.
You just added yet another experience that will make me stronger and more determined than ever to travel this world alone.  Continue reading “To The Man With Blue Hair”